Linen Laurel

I’ve always been torn with the Colette Laurel dress. It’s a very plain shift dress, with bust darts in the front and fish-eye darts in the back. On the one hand, it apparently uses very little fabric and is easy to embellish, on the other hand it’s a loose fit and there seems to be very few curvier versions out there for me to base an educated opinion on, and shift dresses have the potential to look terrible when you’ve got lots of curves to go around – without seams to help in fitting, they can look very sack-like.

I do know, however, that Mary of Idle Fancy’s versions look lovely on her hourglass figure (see here and here), and this one is gorgeous. So, I’ve been torn. Then, two weeks ago I suddenly got the random urge to make a shift dress (does anyone else get these?) and so I grabbed the pattern. Here is the result:

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Loungewear by Papercut

During Me Made May I really noticed a lack of loungewear in my wardrobe. I didn’t really have any clothes I could slouch around in, and I have this idea that I shouldn’t “waste” a great outfit if i’m not leaving the house, so I don’t want to wear my pretty stuff. When Papercut Patterns released their three new patterns (and re-released a few older patterns), I was initially disappointed until I realised that these kinds of pattern are exactly what I’ve been missing!

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The Week of Nights Blues dress

Another apology for being absent, and for not reading any blogs recently. I’ve just finished a set of nights which means: 7 nights in a row, 10.30pm until 8am (or, often, 9.30am). In my current job it’s just me and another doctor in charge of the whole hospital, including the ED – can be fun but also terrifying, and it can really burn you out! Yesterday after my last shift I slept from 12 midday, woke for 2 hours at 7, then slept until 7am, and my mood id still. It takes a while to recover, which is not going to happen: I’m scheduled to work 12 days in a row with 4 15 hour days in between, plus I have a job interview AND an exam on Wednesday. Busy busy.

Anyway, I do have a dress to share.

It’s VERY windy in Featherston

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A do-er upper

In October last year I made this skirt, a houndstooth Hollyburn skirt. I wore it to take pictures, then never even pulled it out of the wardrobe – in fact, I think it went striaght into my sewing room cupboard which is not a good place for finished garments (or even half-made garments) to be. The nylon horsehair braid didn’t work at all and it just didn’t look good.

I’m happy to say that I actually re-did it, which is something I very rarely do. I hate alterations and would almost rather start a whole new project from scratch rather than unpick a waistband, for example.

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